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In 2013 after I wrapped up my 2nd NPC Body Building Competition, I realized that lifestyle was not for me and something was missing in my Fitness and Acting career. I started doing my own YouTube research & started asking around for advice. 

Granted that in Miami, FL getting into Stunts was not the easiest route nor the ideal place to begin but, was my starting point. 

My first job was getting shot with a squib in an elegant dress. Incase you're wondering what a squib was, they’re the packs that you see explode filled with blood whenever somebody gets shot in a Movie, TV show, etc. 

That day I met a team of Parkour Athletes and asked them how'd they get into Stunts. They invited me over to Miami Freerunning Academy and after trying out some stuff, I was hooked.

 I started training Parkour every day and soon a hobby became a passion that led into Stunts and an amazing career filled with opportunities and a sponsorship with WFPF (World Parkour & Freerunning Federation)

I had just been laid off from my job at Best Buy and trying to get my life and dreams together. Honestly, it was the best thing that ever happened, getting fired. This really pushed me into prioritizing my career. The first 3 years of doing Stunts I was still working side jobs like Brand Ambassador, Modeling & Hora Loca Dancer to help make ends meet in order to pay my bills and Acting classes. I was getting about 6 non-union jobs a year during that time and was trying to figure out how to become part of SAG (Screen Actors Guild). Boy was that a mission and a life accomplishment!

In 2017 after years of trying to figure out how to even obtain this impossible card lol I landed my 3rd credit as a stand-in for a SAG TV show and was in tears of happiness. This set me off to getting my first big job in 2018 on the Marvel tv show "The Punisher" in New York doubling Floriana Lima as Krista Dumont with stunt coordinator Eric Linden in which I hold so much gratitude for trusting me and the opportunity.

After this, the jobs just started rolling in Stunts, Reality competitions, Commercials, Acting, etc. 

In 2019 I made the choice to move to LA after wrapping up on the competitive tv show "Ultimate TAG FOX" as Pro Tagger "Dynamite" This show was a dream come true. I met so many amazing athletes while in LA and loved living there for the time being so much, that I decided to move to California to grow and accelerate my career in Stunts and Acting. My choice to move to LA rather than any other place was because I felt that LA had the best training facilities for Stunts & Parkour, amazing connections, fun activities, and of course Disneyland (yes this was a plus I’m a big fan lol.) After almost 2 years of living there I was right, I’ve never learned some much in such a short amount of time and even landed my first movie "DUNE" In which I had the pleasure of working with amazing Stunt Coordinator Roger Yuan in which I learned so much from and top stunt performers at 87eleven Action Design.

That same year I found myself traveling so much for work and I was finally able to make a living out of Stunts for the past 2 years and leave all my side jobs.

To see more of my work you can check me out on IMDb.

Demo Reel & Resume: Video

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Demo Reel & Resume: Video
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