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 Yessenia Cossio was born on December 31, 1988 in Miami, FL as Yessenia Cossio-Alonso. She is an Actress and Stunt Woman known for her role as Dynamite on the FOX TV show Ultimate TAG (2019) & her stunts on Marvel’s hit tv show The Punisher (2018) She is the second child to Cuban immigrant parents Elsa J. Cossio, Jose Cossio and little sister to Jose Cossio Jr.

At the early age of 9, Yessenia expressed an interest in singing and was enrolled in classes where she sang in school Chorus and local Church. Although, she loved singing something was still missing, but wasn’t sure what it was. In 2006, Yessenia performed her first dialogue script in her English class about "Women's Rights” in which she felt very passionate about. After her performance, the class enjoyed it so much that she was highly encouraged by her teacher and classmates to join a drama class.

 At the time Yessenia couldn’t afford the classes and was working for a Telemarketing company saving money for her first car and future acting endeavors. At 17 Yessenia was working Full-Time for Sears Telemarketing center as a Computer Technical Support Specialist and in one year was promoted to Human Resource. Three years later Yessenia decided she needed a part-time job to start pursuing her dreams in Acting. Looking for the perfect job to keep her financially stable and her schedule open was nearly impossible. Balancing a 9-5pm schedule while trying to make auditions and time for Acting classes was an obstacle of its own. She tried some jobs with a more flexible schedule and worked 6 months in Medical Billing, tried selling small kitchen appliances for “Cutco”, Special event Dancer, and even worked for “Best Buy” as a Computer Specialist & Business Consultant where she worked for 3 years until she got laid off. After nearly 7 years trying to figure out working a regular job and pursuing her dreams Yessenia figured it be best if she stayed unemployed for a while and risked losing everything to figure her career out.

In January 2013 after her risky but determined decision to quit the corporate world, Yessenia joined The Miami Acting Studio where her life changed. Working side jobs as a brand ambassador, taking Acting and Parkour classes her career started to sky rocket. In August 2013, Yessenia started training to compete in the Bikini division for the National Physique Committee (NPC) for the next two years getting 16th place in her first competition and 2nd place at her second bodybuilding competition. Although, the fitness journey was very difficult and rewarding, this was not her passion. Yessenia joined an Acting Table Meeting in Davie, FL where all type of industry artist met and introduced themselves and spoke about their future goals. After some Youtube research Yessenia expressed her interest for Stunts and encouraged any help and support to her peers and industry professionals.

In December 2013 Yessenia was connected with one of the Stunt coordinators in South Florida and in January 2014 did her first shootout Stunt in a classy ballroom dress getting shot and impacted by a squib. After her first stunt job, Yessenia finally found a happy medium between Acting and Stunts and started training in every possible discipline. From Martial Arts, Wire Work, High Falls, Stage Combat, Acrobatics, Parkour, Tricking, Trapeze, Stunt Driving, etc.

In March 2019 Yessenia got her big break and joined the cast as a PRO Tagger on the competitive TV show "Ultimate TAG” on FOX  as “Dynamite."  June 15, 2019 after working a few years in South Florida Yessenia decided it was time to take her career to the next level and moved to Los Angeles, California. Today Yessenia is known for her role as Dynamite on Ultimate TAG on FOX, Warner Bros. “Dune” the movie, NETFLIX Marvel tv show “Punisher” CBS tv show “Mcgyver” US Network tv show “Queen of the South”, Season 2 competitor for tv show EXATLOŃ on NBC Telemundo to name a few.

Yessenia is also involved closely with her community doing surprise visits dressing up as different super heroes for children’s hospitals, homeless shelters and elderly homes. Yessenia invest and donates heavily to many different causes such as Cancer, Epidermolysis Bullosa, Autism, Homeless shelters, etc. In 2019 Yessenia was awarded with “Humanitarian” award from her sponsor World Freerunning and Parkour Federation (WFPF.)

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